AES manufactures specialized breaching systems used by law enforcement and militaries around the world. Each system is designed to perform reliably under adverse conditions.


AES Entry Frames incorporate the reliability and performance of Linear Shaped Charges (LSC) into a device used for structure breaching. The Entry Frame can be deployed against a variety of targets and materials. The frame folds in half and is man-portable.



LSC is most commonly used for implosions of bridges, building or other structures; however, it also has aerospace applications in stage separation and severance.  LSC is also used in military applications for breaching and EOD.

AES manufactures LSC in standard core loads ranging from 75 gr/ft up to 10,000 gr/ft consisting of PETN,  HMX, PBX and RDX core loads.  Each core load is available with aluminum, copper, lead or tin sheath material.  In addition to the standard sizes, specialty LSC charges are available in core loads up to 10,500 gr/ft and det cord is available in core loads as low as 4 gr/ft.  Other core loads are available upon request.