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AES manufactures specialized breaching systems used by law enforcement and militaries around the world. Each system is designed to perform reliably in austere environments.


AES produces a line of specialty breaching charges used by military and law enforcement agencies around the world. Our premanufactured explosive breaching charges eliminate the need to assemble charges in the field. The rugged, lightweight charges utilize a novel explosive fill that allows the user to defeat a target using a lower Net Explosive Weight (NEW) than would be required by traditional means. With a variety of available sizes and configurations, the user can select a single charge for the specific target or utilize multiple charges to defeat a more robust target.


AES demolition charges are widely used by commercial and military customers alike for implosions, cratering or Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) applications. Our skilled technical team can work with you to develop and test a specific charge that meets your mission’s requirements.

Breaching explosives and custom demolition charges
Linear Shaped Charge demolition


Linear Shaped Charges (LSC) uses the power of explosives to form a jet capable of cutting through metal and other materials. Common applications for LSC:

  • Commercial: Implosions of buildings or other structures

  • Aerospace: Stage separation, vehicle severance and flight termination

  • Military: Breaching and EOD

Linear Shaped Charges

AES manufactures LSC in standard core loads ranging from 20 gr/ft up to 10,500 gr/ft consisting of PETN, HMX, PBX and RDX core loads. Each core load is available with aluminum, copper, lead or tin sheath material.  In addition to the standard sizes, specialty LSC charges are available in core loads above 10,500 gr/ft and det cord is available in core loads as low as 4 gr/ft. Round and flat det cord configurations are available.​

Linear Shaped Charges

LSC can be custom cut or bent to meet the specific needs of the customer. See the product sheet for additional information. AES also provides a line of supplementary devices for use with LSC.

  • ​P3 (Bi-Directional) Booster – The P3 Booster crimps onto the end of a detonating cord, boosting the output for improved initiation of LSC.  They are available with HMX, HNS or RDX fills. In additional to LSC applications, P3 boosters are widely used in oil and gas exploration in perforating guns.

  • Standoffs – These core load specific rubber spacers place the LSC at the correct standoff distance for optimal jet formation.


AES supplies bulk Composition C-4 and pressed M112 blocks. In addition to the standard M112, AES can press custom charges based on your needs.

Composition C-4
Composition C-4
M2A4 15 Lb and M3A1 40 Lb Demolition Charge

M2A4 15 Lb and M3A1 40 Lb

AES manufactures the M2A4 15 lb. and the M3A1 40 lb. Demolition Shaped Charge for military applications including boring holes in earth, metal, masonry, concrete, and paved or unpaved roads. Each charge is packaged with a product specific standoff to allow the shaped charge jet to properly form.

M2A4 15 Lb and M3A1 40 Lb Demolition Charge


The M18A1 Claymore is used in defensive applications against thin skinned vehicles and other threats.  When functioned it projects fragments directionally toward the enemy.  AES is the current Prime Contractor producing the Claymore Mine System for PM-CCS.  Additionally, AES produces the M18A1 for military partners around the world.

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