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Building on our explosive blending and processing capability, AES pelletizes explosives to meet individual customer requirements.


Low volume orders are pressed using specialized hand tooling and high volume orders are pressed on automated presses.   AES presses pellets ranging from .050” up to 8” in diameter and from milligrams up to 20 pounds in weight.  AES can produce pellets to custom diameters, lengths, weights and with unique geometries.

AES can pelletize any pressable explosive composition including:​

  • RDX – Pure and desensitized formulations including Compositions A-3, A-4, A-5, B, C-4, CH-6 and others

  • HMX – Pure and desensitized formulations including PBXN-5, PBXN-9 and others

  • PAX and PBX formulations

  • PETN – Desensitized formulations and Pentolite

  • TNT – Pure and mixed formulations

  • HNS

Pressing capabilities
Pellet Applications



Our pellets are used for a variety of applications including:

  • Ammunition, bomb and missile fuzing systems

  • Medium caliber ammunition warheads

  • EFP and conical shaped charges

  • Munition explosive train applications

  • Artillery Supplementary Charges

  • Testing applications including simulation testing and explosive gap testing

  • Sensitizing systems for mining boosters


As a prime contractor to the USG, AES produces TNT and PBXN-9 Supplementary Charges used in 155 mm artillery.  Additionally, AES produces supplementary charges used in mortars and other munitions. 

Supplementary Charges
Supplementary Charges
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