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Bridge demolition using charges - Controlled destruction as the bridge collapses into the river below.




AES manufactures specialized breaching systems used by law enforcement and militaries around the world. Each system is designed to perform reliably in austere environments.

AES produces a line of specialty breaching charges used by military and law enforcement agencies around the world. Our premanufactured explosive breaching charges eliminate the need to assemble charges in the field. The rugged, lightweight charges utilize a novel explosive fill that allows the user to

Squad of soldiers in formation during door breaching exercise - Explosive rounds detonate safely as part of tactical training.

defeat a target using a lower Net Explosive Weight (NEW) than would be required by traditional means. With a variety of available sizes and configurations, the user can select a single charge for the specific target or utilize multiple charges to defeat a more robust target.


AES demolition charges are widely used by commercial and military customers alike for implosions, cratering or Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) applications. Our skilled technical team can work with you to develop and test a specific charge that meets your mission’s requirements.


Composition C4 - Powerful plastic explosive used in various military applications.


M112 blocks - Military-grade demolition blocks for controlled destruction.

M112 Demolition

Linear shaped charge - Precision explosive device designed for specific applications.

Linear Shaped
Charge (LSC)

M2A4 15 lb. and M3A1 40 lb Demo Charges - Powerful demolition charges for military and industrial use.

M2A4 15Lb and M3A1 40Lb Demo Charges


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