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AES (Accurate Energetic Systems) is a renowned company that specializes in supplying explosives to the oil and gas industry. With a strong focus on precision, reliability, and safety, AES has established itself as a trusted provider of explosive solutions for the unique needs of this sector. Understanding the critical role that explosives play in well stimulation, reservoir enhancement, and other oil and gas operations, AES offers a wide range of specialized explosive products and services. These include perforating charges for wellbore completion, seismic explosives for exploration and reservoir imaging, and controlled detonation systems for well intervention and production enhancement. AES works closely with oil and gas companies, leveraging their expertise to provide tailored solutions that meet specific project requirements and environmental considerations. Their team of highly skilled engineers and technicians ensures the highest standards of quality and safety throughout the explosive supply chain. By offering reliable and effective explosive solutions, AES contributes to the successful and efficient extraction of oil and gas resources while prioritizing the well-being of workers and the environment.



At Accurate Energetic Systems, LLC (AES), located in Bucksnort, Tennessee, we're dedicated to delivering high-quality energetics solutions tailored to the unique demands of the defense, aerospace, and commercial demolition sectors. Our expertise spans a comprehensive range of products, from explosive pellets and demolition charges to advanced energetic devices and shaped charges.


Whether you're seeking detailed information about our explosive manufacturing capabilities, need expert guidance for a specialized project, or require responsive customer support, our team is ready to assist you. We are committed to providing personalized service that ensures the success of your projects and fosters lasting relationships.


  • Fill Out Our Contact Form: Provide your details and inquiries below, and one of our experts will get back to you promptly.

  • Call Us: Reach out to our team directly for immediate assistance.

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At AES, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet the high standards of our clients, ensuring every interaction adds value to your operations. Our team is equipped to offer the technical advice and support required to handle even the most challenging energetics needs efficiently.


Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions about our energetics and explosives offerings. We are here to support your needs and ensure your projects achieve the desired outcomes with our industry-leading solutions.

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Accurate Energetic Systems, LLC
5891 Highway 230 West
McEwen, TN 37101

Telephone: (931) 729-4207
Fax: (931) 729-4217

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