Accurate Energetic Systems quality building in McEwen, TN



AES is committed to providing products that meet or exceed customer requirements, on time, every time, through a continually improving quality management system.

AES maintains an ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System and a comprehensive test facility to support all quality and inspection requirements. Our quality control building contains a complete chemical laboratory, environmental chambers, and digital x-ray inspection capabilities.


AES closely monitors product quality on all manufacturing programs using industry statistical techniques.  We continuously measure to improve the quality of our manufacturing processes to ensure our customers receive the highest quality of products. Our capabilities include:

  • In-process measurements and SPC

  • Wet chemistry and physical inspection of bulk powders

  • X-Ray inspections

  • CMM inspections

Inspection Capabilities
Test Capabilities



AES has a comprehensive test facility to support all quality, composition, and performance requirements.  Capabilities include:

  • Analytical test laboratory

  • Compositional analysis

  • Particle Size Analyzer (PSA) and Rotap sieve analysis

  • High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

  • Moisture titration and other capabilities.

  • Outdoor explosive test range for up to 50 lbs TNT equivalent

    • Velocity of Detonation (VOD)

    • Functional Performance into witness plates or actual targets



AES has the necessary equipment to perform environmental condition testing on energetic production and assemblies. Capabilities include:

  • Environmental chambers and function testing at temperature

  • Water pressure testing

Environmental Conditioning