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Semi Trucks lined up. Logistics services - Efficient management and transportation of energetic products to various destinations.




AES provides 100% logistical support for all of our purchase orders. Our expertise ranges from Domestic land freight solutions to complicated Global ocean freight including management of all the necessary domestic and International regulations.


AES has three large storage facilities specializing in Class 1 explosive materials. We offer professional support off-loading, palletizing, and packaging in addition to obtaining import and export permits, port entrance authorizations, load clearances and security management of the process.

AES has a network of HAZMAT approved transport solutions that have been serving the explosives industry for many years. We are centrally located within the United States with easy access to major Interstate Highways.

Explosives magazine - Secure storage facility for high-quality energetic products, ensuring safety and compliance.


AES has long standing relationships with major explosive manufacturers both domestically and internationally. We can assist with sourcing explosives or hazardous goods from international manufacturers. Shipments can be coordinated to reduce freight costs and we can offer storage solutions once material arrives in the United States.

Semi Trucks lined up. Logistics services - Efficient management and transportation of energetic products to various destinations.


Load, assemble, pack (LAP) services - Expert handling and precise packaging of energetic products for safe deployment.

Load, Assemble, Pack

Modeling & simulation services - Advanced analysis and virtual testing for accurate evaluation of energetic systems.

Modeling &

Energetics pilot scale-up and testing - Controlled testing and scaling of energetic products for production readiness.

Energetics Pilot Scale-Up
and Testing

Outdoor testing and test services - Field testing of energetic products to ensure reliability and performance in real-world conditions.

Outdoor Testing &
Test Services

Research and development - Innovation and experimentation to create cutting-edge energetic solutions.

Research &


Accurate Energetic Systems, LLC
5891 Highway 230 West
McEwen, TN 37101

Telephone: (931) 729-4207
Fax: (931) 729-4217


Accurate Energetic Systems, LLC does not assume any liability whatsoever for the accuracy or completeness of the information contained herein. Although the
recommendations stated are based upon tests and the best information available to us, it is expressly understood that we make no guarantee of results, and
assume no responsibility or liability in connection with the use of our products. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as an offer to supply a product or
to constitute a license, implied or otherwise, to use our product in the infringement of any patent, whether owned by Accurate Energetic Systems, LLC or other.

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