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M2A4 15 lb. and M3A1 40 lb Demo Charges - Powerful demolition charges for military and industrial use.

M2A4 15 lb. & M3A1 40 lb.



AES manufactures the M2A4 15 lb. and the M3A1 40 lb. Demolition Shaped Charge for military applications including boring holes in earth, metal, masonry, concrete, and paved or unpaved roads. Each charge is packaged with a product specific standoff to allow the shaped charge jet to properly form.

M2A4 15 lb. and M3A1 40 lb Demo Charges - Powerful demolition charges for military and industrial use.
M2A4 15 lb. and M3A1 40 lb Demo Charges - Powerful demolition charges for military and industrial use.


The M112 is a demolition block used by the military for various engineering and combat engineering tasks. It is a powerful and versatile explosive device designed for controlled demolition and breaching obstacles. The M112 demolition block consists of a plastic case filled with a high explosive material, typically C-4. It is known for its reliability and effectiveness in destroying structures, clearing obstacles, and creating entry points.  The M112 is used in a wide range of military operations, including breaching fortified positions, creating paths through minefields, and demolishing enemy assets. It can be remotely detonated using a triggering device or set to function as a time-delayed or command-detonated explosive.

M112 Demolition

Composition C-4 is a powerful and widely used military-grade plastic explosive. It is composed of a mixture of RDX (cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine) or HMX (cyclotetramethylenetetranitramine) as the main explosive ingredient, combined with a plasticizer and a binder. The plasticizer gives C-4 its flexibility and moldable characteristics, while the binder holds the components together. C-4 is highly stable and can be easily molded into various shapes, making it an effective explosive for military applications such as demolition, munitions, and special operations.


A linear shaped charge is a specialized explosive device designed to create a focused cutting or penetrating effect along a straight line. It consists of a linear arrangement of explosive material with a metal liner or casing. When detonated, the explosive force compresses the liner, creating a high-velocity, high-temperature jet of metal that travels along the length of the charge.

Linear Shaped
Charge (LSC)

 The M18A1 is a remotely triggered mine that is typically used for defensive purposes and in ambush situations. The M68 is an inert training mine used by the military for training purposes. It is a replica of the M18A1 Claymore mine, commonly known as the "Claymore" mine, but it does not contain any explosive material and is completely safe for training exercises.

M18A1 Claymore &
M68 Inert Training Mine


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