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Soldiers on battlefield with exploding explosives - Intense military operation with detonating explosives ensuring tactical advantage.




Bulk energetics lab - State-of-the-art facility manufacturing high-quality energetic products in bulk.

AES processes bulk energetics to meet the exacting requirements of commercial and military applications. All military bulk energetics are processed and tested to the applicable Mil-Spec standards and all commercial bulk energetics are custom blended for their specific application.

Bulk HMX, HNS, PETN, RDX and TNT based energetics are available in pure formulations or desensitized for specific applications. Desensitized products are coated with wax or polymer binders and mixed with graphite or other compounds to improve their material flow properties.

Chemical composition, moisture content, granulation size and other properties are verified in AES’ onsite quality laboratory. In addition to providing bulk energetics, AES provides value added explosive processing services including:

  • Melt pour into customer specified shapes or devices

  • Pressing and pelletizing explosives in custom configurations


Commercial bulk products of energetics - High-quality energetic solutions for various industries.

Commercial Bulk

Military bulk products of energetics - Premium energetic solutions for military applications.

Military Bulk

Specialty coated formulations - Advanced and specialized explosive compositions.

Specialty Coated

Product image of 155mm TNT and PBXN-9 Supplementary Charges - High-quality explosive products for military applications.



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